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About Centrality Wellness

at Centrality Wellness, you are our priority. Our goal is to create space; space for you to learn about your body, space to heal, & space to grow. We create this space by carving out uninterrupted time and utilizing a holistic approach to help clients achieve long-term wellness and improve their pelvic health

Find Your Why

 Pelvic Health conditions are complex, thats why at Centrality Physical Therapy & Wellness we focus on finding your "why" or the root causes to your condition.  

You work with our pelvic health experts who are doctors of physical therapy with  specialized training in pelvic health conditions.


You have dedicated one-on-one time. Most of our clients see multiple providers before walking through our front door, so it is important that when you are at Centrality Wellness, each visit focuses on you and your needs. 

We focus on empowerment. It is our goal to give you the tools to improve your pelvic health & to achieve your goals each and every session. 



Meet Our Team

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Dr. Jennifer Morgan, PT, DPT

Dr. Jen Morgan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who specializes in treating pelvic health conditions. She is the owner of Centrality Physical Therapy & Wellness. Dr. Jen has a continued commitment to providing individualized care focused on meeting your pelvic & overall health goals. Dr. Jen’s goal is to always have her patient’s feeling educated and empowered & her plans of care blend hands-on techniques, her yoga training/movement & breathwork to improve range of motion, gaining strength, decrease pain, and regulating the nervous system to facilitate your body’s healing.  


At Centrality wellness, Dr. Jen & her other pelvic health specialists blend orthopedics & specialty training in pelvic floor conditions, her visceral & neural manipulation techniques, & her yoga training to address the "common but not optimal" conditions from pediatrics into adulthood. Common conditions that are improved with pelvic physical therapy treatment include: urinary or fecal incontinence, chronic constipation, pelvic pain, hip or low back pain, birth preparation, or changes due to pregnancy or postpartum (DRA, SPD), & kiddo constipation/ stool withholding, urgency, or bed wetting.  


Clients can work with Dr. Jen and her team one-on-one in person or remotely to address their goals and to get you back to meeting your goals and living your best life.  for more fun educational content, follow Dr. Jen on Instagram, @doc_jenmorgan .  

Dr. Sheron DSouza, PT, DPT

Dr. Sheron Dsouza is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who specializes in pelvic health. Having a deep understanding of the connection of the pelvic floor with the rest of the body, she believes in using a holistic approach, integrating her vast orthopedic knowledge with her specialty pelvic health training into her problem solving. Dr. Sheron is committed to creating an individualized, empathetic and caring experience where her goal is to educate and empower you in recovery and on your healing journey. 


Dr. Sheron has advanced training in pelvic health through the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (APTA) and Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation institute. Sheron is a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. She enjoys addressing the “common but not optimal” pelvic health conditions, and she thrives on always furthering her knowledge in this field through continued education. Dr. Sheron is currently advancing her expertise in pelvic pain and interstitial cystitis by working towards the Interstitial Cystitis (a pelvic pain diagnosis): Evaluation and Treatment program offered through Pelvic PT rising.


When not treating patients, Sheron spends her free time volunteering with food banks, flipping furniture, road trips and kayaking. She hopes to adopt a dog someday.

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Dr. Janelle Kleiner, PT, DPT

Dr. Janelle Kleiner is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Pelvic Health Across the Lifespan, treating pediatrics into adulthood. Using her clinical experience, pelvic health training, and holistic approach to health she provides individualized care plans for her patients and their families when addressing pediatric pelvic health issues. Dr. Janelle understands the intricate connection of the whole body and utilizes her skills in orthopedics, pelvic health, and nutrition to address the root cause of the problem. As a mother to four young kids, she understands the importance of pelvic health for quality of life during pregnancy & postpartum; as well as how pelvic health issues can impact a mother when their kiddo is struggling, which is why Dr. Janelle has dedicated her clinical expertise to this specialty.

Dr. Janelle has advanced pediatric pelvic health training from Dr. Dawn Sandalcidi, the leading expert in the field of pediatric pelvic health. Some common pediatric issues that improve with pelvic health
therapy include bedwetting, urinary urgency and incontinence, constipation, and fecal incontinence.

She has also completed advanced training for Pregnancy & Postpartum Rehabilitation, to help new moms prepare for birth, address pain and changes with pregnancy, and achieve an optimal
postpartum recovery; including but not limited too: muscular imbalances, urinary or bowel issues, returning to exercise challenges & more. 

When not treating patients, you can find Janelle spending time outdoors with her family, dogs, and chickens. She has a passion for cooking healthy food for her family, loves a good fiction book, and lives for a good hike.

Cheyenne Kreuger
New Canaan Front Office Administrastor

Cheyenne is a New Canaan Native and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a BA in Public Health, which has given her insight into the world of health meets wellness, and how education and relationships are at the root of all we do. When not in clinic, she enjoys long car rides & discovering new places and even exploring the various wineries & eateries Connecticut has to offer.


Conditions We Treat

At Centrality Physical Therapy & Wellness, we specialize in treating pelvic pain, urinary and bowel symptoms, and any other pelvic floor dysfunction from pediatrics into adulthood.


Not sure if we can help, or don't see your specific issues listed?  Our doctors have seen just about everything.  Give us a call to learn more about resolving your symptoms

Urinary Symptoms

Gut & Bowel Health Issues

Pelvic Pain

Sexual Dysfunction

Male Pelvic Health



Orthopedic Conditions related to core, lumbar, pelvis, hip

Booking Options


In person sessions

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Patient Stories

Dr. Jen Morgan, DPT is an exceptional unicorn of a human being, and an outstanding clinician and advocate. She is the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring Dr. I’ve ever worked with. She’s helped me so much with chronic pelvic pain and severe issues post partum caused by complications from pregnancy and birth. I wasn’t getting better before I started seeing her, I wasn’t getting enough PT through insurance and was feeling really helpless. She put 110% into everything she did to help me get back on my feet, literally. She’s helped me gain so much more ADL and improved my quality of life immeasurably, and gave me so much hope and physical strength back. Because of her I’m strong enough to pick up my baby without pain, for example. (You can’t imagine what this means to me). She takes the time to educate, advocate, collaborate with other providers, and gave me my hope and my life back, bit by bit. It’s an ongoing journey as I have a bunch of complications but I am so lucky and honored to have her as the main hero of my dream team. I’ve recommended her and her (free!!) educational content on IG to a number of friends, and every provider I’ve worked with since. Also the New Canaan office is really beautiful, calming and welcoming and has the sweetest receptionist. (Possibly helpful info as well, I find it easy to find free street parking, and there are designated spots in a small lot there as well.) I honestly can’t recommend her enough!! Thank you Jen.


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